it is welI with my soul

I am sitting at the back of the room during the 24 hour Anti-Trafficking Worship and Prayer event leading up to the Superbowl. The worship leader for this 2 hour block is leading us in the song “It Is Well With My Soul.” I am thinking about the girls that are currently on the streets or in the hotel rooms in down town Indianapolis and my heart is breaking for them. For them, it is not well with their souls, nor is it well with the souls of the men who are purchasing them for sex.

This is the reason we are spending the next 19 hours in worship and in prayer, it is for them. We believe that through our prayers not only will God burden our hears for these men and women, but also that He will convict the men and free the women. There are people gathering all across the country tonight praying against the sex trafficking that is happening during this years superbowl and there are many others who are fighting to see it stopped by arresting perpetrators and rescuing women.

This event has only been going for 5 hours and there is a sense that things are already breaking. Acts 16 talks about Paul and Silas in prison. As they worshiped their chains were broken off and the prison doors were opened. But, not only did their chains break, all the chains broke off of all the prisoners in the jail that night. As we worship and pray though the night our desire and Gods is that women would be rescued and perpetrators would be taken down. We are grateful that as we pray in the warmth of a building there are others fighting in the cold to see this stop as well.

At the beginning of the day I checked the Indianapolis Backpage site and there were 49 girls listed for sex. Now, 14 hours later there are 149, and that is only for Friday. We believe that our worship and prayer for these women and men is not in vain, it is breaking chains and setting people free.

Please continue to pray for the 30 million slaves currently living in chains and for their captors that freedom would come to both.

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