How it all started

Cambodia_slide_like_BW_crop2_V3I remember a few years back I was standing at the base of Mt. Rainier in Washington. Now I wasn’t there physically, but it was super clear in my head. I remember standing there with Jesus and Him turning to me and asking me if I could climb to the top. “No” I responded. “it is to high, I’m to lazy and I just don’t have enough energy, skill, knowledge or ability to make it to the top of this mountain.” “Well” Jesus responded, “could you just take steps and start walking?” “Yep, I could do that. For sure I could do that. Any one can just start walking up Mt. Rainier. Not everyone will make it to the top, but everyone could walk.” I remember looking back after I had taken a bunch of steps and seing how far I had come. It was shocking and super encouraging. Out of this, Steps of Justice was born.

It was about a year ago that we started. We started by putting out the 30 Day Prayer & Action guide. It is a 30 day journey that you, your church, your school, your work or even your friends can take in educating yourself about justice issues and then taking practical steps of doing justice. It’s not that you are going to end world hunger overnight, but you will learn about the horror of 25,000 kids dying today from hunger related illness. You will also become disciplined in praying for these issues, and even more you will start taking small steps of doing justice on behalf of the poor. The prayer guide goes through 30 days of praying, action, education and awareness of many different issues that are plaguing our world today. Issues that break God’s heart and issues that he is calling us, his children to engage with (Micah 6:8).

As we come into this new year, would you consider going into it ‘doing justice?’ It is a small step that can and will lead you to many more steps of loving God and loving others. Please join us over the next 30 day’s by picking up a Prayer & Action guide. Or, pick one up and talk to your community about going through 30 day’s of doing justice.

Much love and happy Monday.


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