House visits, broken hearts and hope in Cambodia

Cambodia_SoJ_Aug2013_2-24 copyEach Friday from now until June we are going to be posting stories on Justice and Cambodia. This summer we are taking 2 teams to Phnom Penh and we would love you to come with us. All these stories come from Steps of Justice teams and individuals that went to Cambodia with us in past years. They are amazing truths of pain and healingboth for the people of Cambodia and the individuals who went on journeys there.

From Regan- with Steps of Justice

Every Wednesday afternoon in the Chom Choa village, we would go door to door to check on families and take prayer requests. We would often read Bible passages with them and give a little word of encouragement to follow. It was always inspiring to hear how in the midst of so much injustice, how positive the evictees remain. My favorite thing, however, about our house visits is getting to hear how God is working in the hearts of the people there.

One afternoon, at the last house visit for that day, we went to visit a woman who had just given birth to a baby boy. This was her 6th child, but there were only two other half-clothed children playing with a balloon in the corner of the small room. She had explained to us her worry about having another baby because she already had to give up three of her kids due to lack of money for food and other essentials. I sat there on her floor while my heart broke for the lady sitting in front of me. I couldn’t imagine having to give my children away because I can’t afford to take care of them. Tears started to fall from her face as she stroked the baby boy’s small back.

We encouraged her by saying God has a plan for her children and to trust that in the midst of bad situations He is still sovereign. She agreed and wanted to pray with us when we offered and we ended the house visit with big hugs. I still think about that family and pray for them often. I can’t wait to go and see that baby boy when I once again return to Chom Choa.

We would love you to come with us to Cambodia this summer to visit families in the Chom Choa village. We just opened up one more trip. For more info on Cambodia check out the Matthew 25 outreach page.

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