Homes for Hope in Cambodia.

On Wednesday, May 1 a group of Canadians will begin their Steps of Justice trip in Cambodia. We are so excited to host this team, who’s primary purpose is to serve the poor and vulnerable of Cambodia, along side of long term, local Cambodian men and women. It is crucial that we, as foreigners come under the direction and leadership of our Cambodian brothers and sisters, as we are there to serve them, and learn from them.

One of the things we are doing is building a home for a family near the Vietnam border. Here is a bit of information about the family. The husband’s name is Oul Yan. He’s 67years of age, and unemployed because of chronic illness. Oul’s wife’s name is Tum SaOun. She’s 65years old and a farmer. They both have lived in the village all their lives, in an old bamboo broken structure, covered by palm leaves. There is no proper toilet, no running water and no well for water. They had one child, but that child passed away because of an electrical accident.

Donors like you gave $3700 towards this home, which will provide shelter, water and toilet for the rest of this families life, praise Jesus. The money goes towards hiring Cambodian contractors, material for the house, the water well, food for the team and workers and a toilet. Below are a few pictures of the current house, as well as the pillars for the one that will be their home next week.

To give towards more projects like this, you can go here.


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