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P. Wade was telling me the other day about Hiro, a friend of his in Japan. Hiro was a student of Wades years ago with YWAM in Vancouver. Wade has not heard from Hiro in a while now, but in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan they got back in touch.The below is a excerpt from Wades blog, and an example of a man who is doing justice.

“What I have recently learned is that Hiro is now married and living in Tokyo with his wife. He runs an art café called The Decision with a gentlemen named John LaDue, the former national YWAM chairman in Japan.  They run a church and Bible study in the café to promote and support artists, to be a family to the lonely, and to eventually bring everyone who comes in the doors to a decision: would they return God’s extravagant love?

On the day of the earthquake, Hiro and his wife, Mayumi, were at their café in Kanda, Tokyo to prepare for that night’s show. When the nation’s transportation system was suspended, thousands of people had no place to go. People filled the café and Hiro kept it open all night. No one left—they all slept there.  Hiro and his wife served food and drinks free of charge that weekend.  And they also served a message of hope and comfort. “Many who have been closed to the gospel in the past were very open,” Hiro said.  As a result of their discussions with Hiro and his wife, many asked for Bibles to read for themselves.

Hiro says people are still scared of the nonstop aftershocks. Many of the aftershocks are stronger than the main quake that destroyed Christchurch NZ. People are panicked at what is going on, and the grocery stores have completely run out of food. They don’t trust what they’re hearing on the news and feel like there is no one to turn to.

Due to the quake, all events at The Decision Café have been suspended for time being. Hiro and his wife, a nurse, have gone to the hardest hit region in the north to help. They want to give aid and offer counseling and prayer.

In a recent email to me Hiro said…

Dear Wade,

Hello my friend!!  So good hear from you.  I miss you my friend.  Our life is fear of radioactivity and earthquake. Everybody is tired about crazy life in Tokyo.  People are losing job and losing patience. We do not have much electricity, food or water – especially in north part of Japan.

My friend live in Fukushima and his church is 30 km from nuclear power place. So the government told them move to someplace. But old people are there can not escape from Fukushima area because there is no gas, empty gas, people have a car but it do not have gas in all city.

I went to Fukushima 2 days ago with my friend. Drove to there with bunch of food and life supplies. Nobody wants to go because radioactive. So they need food and water and people can help them. Because everybody fear to go Fukushima area and even government is not help them.

My friend’s church become light of the city, helping for people in local. make food them, bring food them. I pray to God, and help Fukushima people. Many things God is working for Japanese Christian.

What we need some money to get there, and also use money for church at my cafe.

I lost so many business because of earthquake but still there is needs.  We make a charity events at my place and send them money, but still not so many money.  I will not have my salary next month, but I trust God. If you can pray for about fiance.

My address is

B1 Tadada 2-9-1 Tukasamachi

Kanda Chiyoudaku Tokyo 101-0048

My phone is 81-3-5217-3311


skype: lovehiro3


Love you man !!!

Love Hiro

If you would like to give to this issue or to Hiro you can do so through the info above, or over at the Steps of Justice site under Donate. I was inspired by this story of someone who is doing justice at no gain for himself. Cheers Hiro.


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