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dtsFor the past 3 months we with Steps of Justice and our friends with YWAM Ships have had the privilege of journeying with 21 students on their YWAM Discipleship Training School. Tomorrow 19 of them are leaving on 3 different justice focussed outreaches. One team heads to the Amazon, one to the Caribbean and one to Fiji. They will be working with those living along the rivers and coastlines who have little to no access to medical supplies, food supplies and the good news of Jesus Christ.

If you read this right you realize that we have 21 people on the school, but only 19 of them are leaving. The reason is that the remaining two are still in need of finances. We still need a total of $4305 to come in by tomorrow at 4pm West Coast Time for these two to go. If you would like to give you can do so through the YWAM Ships site at the following link. *leave a note saying it is for the 2012 DTS Outreach. 

Thanks so much for your prayers and time reading this. The students going on these trips have all raised their own funds, they are not payed nor do they receive scholarships. As alway’s all your gift is tax deductible for the 2012 tax year.

For more on YWAM Ships check this.

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