hand washing is fun

This is a video that my good friend and co-worker with Steps Of Justice just put out. P. Wade and his family (Joanna, Sophia, Eleanor and Pax) are from Vancouver, Canada and work with YWAM there. A few months ago they were unjustly evicted from their home and were looking to see what was next. After a 60 minute conversation on the phone we all agreed that we should be working together. So, a few weeks later they hopped in their van and headed south.

The Pallisters and us have been talking and praying about working together for years and years. It is a huge blessing and gift that they are here with us now. Wade has been working hard with me on Steps Of Justice projects. He also is my inspiration for breakfast tacos in Tijuana, Mexico.

Sophia, their oldest daughter was doing a project on Haiti. The other day I went over and spent some time with Sophia and let her interview me on Haiti since I was there last year. The conversation turned into one on sanitation and hand washing, otherwise known as the thing that saves lives. Check out the video here.

For more info on hand washing check out this.

Photo by Dave

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