Half The Sky book review

Currently I am reading “Half The Sky” by Nicholas Krsitof and his bride Sheryl WuDunn. The book is filled with stories, inspiration, challenges and information on how championing a woman can, will and has changed the world. I am reading it in pieces, but I always have it with me.

Steps Of Justice is all about helping people take small steps that can change the world, those small steps have brought Nicholas and Sheryl to write this amazing book. The main reason that I love this book is because it give a voice to the women of the world. In so many countries women do not have a voice. Hearing the stories in this book makes you think you are reading a book about super heros who are fighting injustice and winning against all odds. But it is not a make believe story about pretent people, it is a story of real women who are standing up against all odds and bringing change to entire communities.

These are stories of women who were oppressed, beaten, raped, used, sold, pushed down yet continued to rage on for what they believed in and knew to be true. The truth is that if you change a woman you change a family, change a community and change an entire village. I have two girls in my life, Emma who is 8 and Abby who is 4. I don’t want anything to stop them from following their dreams. In this society that is a pretty easy thing, but in parts of the world like Cambodia, the Middle East and lots of Africa it is not so easy. That is why this book is so remarkable, because it chronicles the stories of women who stopped cowering under understandable fear and stood up for what they knew was right.

I highly recommend that you pick up this book. It is educational, inspirational and shows that you care about women of the world. Here is the link to the web site where you can pick one up for yourself. Half The Sky


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