San Diego, CA

We invite you to come to San Diego and serve with us on our six day Justice trips. San Diego is home to beautiful beaches, trendy cafes, amazing weather and a very growing homeless population. Because of the stable/moderate climate many homeless are drawn to the area, which provides lots of opportunities to serve.

San Diego is also home to a large percentage of refugee families, specifically from the Middle East, SE Asia and French speaking Africa. Over 1000 people come into San Diego annually under refugee status. We have an amazing opportunity to serve these families coming into the city. In Matthew Jesus says “when you welcomed the stranger you welcomed me (paraphrase). Come to San Diego and welcome the stranger with us.

Here are some activities we will be doing on your trip:

  1. A prayer race around the city, praying for areas of need in education, government, family, entertainment and the Church.
  2. A refugee simulation experience, seeing what process a refugee has to go through to enter into the USA. This helps us empathize with their story.
  3. A picnic at the beach with newly arrived refugee families. This will be a potluck, so families will bring their local meals and we will bring ours. Its a great way for these families to meet westerners and interact.
  4. Volunteering at local food banks, feeding the homeless.
  5. Times of worship, prayer and debrief.
  6. Lots of good Mexican food will be consumed as well.

Here is some more info:

  • How long is the trip? The San Diego mission trips are five days long.
  • How much will it cost? The cost is $425 per participant for a 6 day trip  (not including travel, housing  or transportation in San Diego)
  • We can recommend housing (Hotel or a Church) in San Diego
  • Contact Phil Cunningham with Steps of Justice:


  • These trips are for groups and we run them all year round. Please contact us if you are a school, church, work group or community of friends to set up dates. As staff, we are engaging in the city regularly, so please come and join us in that. (Group sizes should be no lower than 5 people and no greater than 30).


San Diego Trip

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    If you are with a group please calculate the application fee and multiply it by $200 per person (comes off the total cost of the trip). Then enclose a check made out to Steps of Justice and include it with this application form to the below address. This fee is non refundable. **If you are paying online, please add $20 to the total cost for fees.
  • Applications will not be approved until application fee is received. Also, application fees are non refundable, 2 months prior to trip date.
  • 2019 San Diego Justice Trip

    Location- San Diego, CA Price- $425 per person not including transportation for 6 day trips. Price- $225 per person not including transportation for 3 day trips. Please contact us for dates, trips run all year long. Steps Of Justice- Doing Justice One Step at a Time.
  • For more info contact: Phil Cunningham 206-550-2594