Marshall Islands Outreach

For the past 3 years Steps of Justice has been partnering with YWAM Ships in Kona, Hawaii to see justice come to poor communities living in isolated areas, such as the Marshall Islands and Papua New Guinea. This coming year we are excited to be able to offer a justice focussed outreach to the Marshall Islands. Here is a little information about YWAM Ships:

YWAM Ships Kona, HI, is part of the worldwide Christian movement, YWAM (Youth With A Mission) offering global opportunities for volunteers to serve individuals and communities with:
• Access to quality health care
• Food, clean drinking water, and shelter
• Opportunity for education
• Expression of culture, arts, and entertainment
• Exposure to Christian faith and values
• Fair and productive government
• Opportunity to work and develop

In 2016 we are offering trips to the Marshall islands, here is some information:

Dates: TBA

Cost: Dependent on length of outreach, between 10-17 days.

Size of team: Because we are working on and out of the Cloud 9 boat, team size is limited to a group of 7 people.

Location: The Marshall Islands

Needs: Engineers, doctors, nurses, medical professionals, teachers, photographers, videographers.

Cost includes all ground/ship fees, entry visa, food, transportation, translator, city tour and housing. Flight is not included

Contact info– Get in touch with us at

Please check out the YWAM Ships Outreach manual for more info:

2016 YWAM Ships Outreach Guide

Marshall Islands Form

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    If you are with a group please calculate the application fee and multiply it by $100 per person. Then enclose a check made out to Steps of Justice and include it with this application form to the below address. This fee is non refundable. **If you are paying online, please add $20 to the total cost for fees.
  • Applications will not be approved until application fee is received.
  • 2016 YWAM Ships Marshall Islands

    Location- Marshall Islands Price- TBD based on length of trip Dates: Please contact us to discuss dates and availability. Steps Of Justice- Doing Justice One Step at a Time.
  • For more info contact: 206-550-2594