1. What does the cost of the trip include?
  • food
  • housing
  • transportation
  • translator
  • airport pick-up
  • trip hosts
  • training
  • ministry tools (for kids programs, hospital visits, etc)
  • cambodia entrance visa
  • t-shirt
  • 30 day Prayer & Action Guide
  • Medical travel insurance for injury or death
  • ice cream (last but not least)


2. Is there a minimum age for participants on a family trip?

There is no minimum age for the Cambodia trip. We do ask that if you are under 18 that you have with you a parent or guardian. We also run family trips, so if you are a family with children we encourage you to bring them, regardless of age. Last year, our leaders Phil and Amy Cunningham took their three children (ages 3-12) and we had 4 other families come with their young kids.

Please email us if you have any further questions about age minimum for participants and families.


3. What shots do I need to get for the trip?

According to the CDC you are recommend to get Hepatitis A, Typhoid and Tetanus.  Malaria medication is not necessary for where we will be going, but it is up to your discretion.


4. Is there a discount for children on family trips?

There is a discount for children and participants under the age of 12. The price for those under 12 is $795 instead of $875. Some of the trip costs are fixed and cannot be changed, but food costs can be adjusted.


5. What is the dress code for a mission trip?

Modest dress is required for the trip. Shirts, shorts and sandals are alright, but please do not wear shirts with offensive slogans or pictures on them. Here is a clothing list for me and women.

  • Men, t-shirts are fine to wear, but please no sleeveless shirts. Also, shorts must come to your knees, no short shorts. Please bring  a nice pair of pants or jeans and a collared shirt for Church.
  • Women, t-shirts are fine to wear, but please no sleeveless shirts. Also, shorts must come to your knees, no short shorts. Please bring a skirt or dress to where for Church.


6. When is my money do?

Your application fee of $100 is due upon applying. Then, a deposit of $200 is due 3 months before your departure date and the remaining funds are due 6 weeks prior to departing. All these fees come off the total cost of the trip.


7. What if I have special diets and medication?

Please let us know about specific diets and medications. Most of the meals we eat are served family style or at restaurants, so you can chose what you can or cannot eat. Please bring all required medications with you on the trip. There are good pharmacies in Cambodia, but it is recommended that you bring your own medicine.


8. What is done in the case of serious illness of injury?

In case of serious illness or injury we will take you to the nearest and best medical facility in the city. This is why we get you travel insurance, just incase some serious medical scenario arrises.

9. Will I be able to contact family and friends back home? 

It is very easy to communicate to people back home from Cambodia. There are plenty of internet cafe’s and lots of wifi hot spots to pair your smart phones or digital devices with.

10. Where will I be sleeping? 

We will be sleeping at a hotel in the city. We will sleep 2 to a room (a two bed room) unless you are with a family and want to have more. There are showers in the room.

11. Is the food and water safe to eat and drink?

Yes, there is filtered water everywhere and we eat at approved restaurants (approved by our hosts and the long term workers).

12. Will I have fun?

Oh my, the answer to this question is a big fat yes. This will be an amazing trip for you, both physically and spiritually. We work hard and have a ton of fun. Ministry should be so fun and exciting, not lame and boring. We can’t wait to do this with you.