Go local.

Jesus tells us to go, but where? Well, we go places every day. We go to work, to school, to our computers, to the city, we are always going. The problem seems to be that we don’t see opportunity when we go. We just put our heads down and go. The challenge for today is to lift your head up as you go. Look around you, who is there, what are the needs, how can you help.

Jesus told the story of a man who was walking down the road. A group of robbers came upon the man, beat him and left him for dead. A few leaders were walking along the same road, just going somewhere. They saw the man and passed by on the other side. Then, a Samaritan man saw the man, and because he was going with his head up, he saw the need, stopped, and helped. Because the Samaritan man wasn’t just thinking about going, but also about doing, he saved this mans life.

When you go, look around. What does the man or woman on the highway off ramp need? Money, food, a conversation, or just the acknowledgment that they are seen? Don’t pass this person by, this person who was made in the image of God. Ask how they are doing, and respond. It’s ok to give money or food, Jesus never said “don’t help the person on the side of the road, they may use the money you give them for drugs.” He just said “love God and love others.”

What about when you are going about your business on your computer. You click the link, go into the site, and enter into a world of pornography. Are these girls destined for this? To be seen as objects by other men? Are they doing this on their own will, or is there someone on the other side threatening them to stay, or drugging them into submission, so that you and I can benefit by their captivity? Look around, see the need, be wise and aware and respond.

It is not about the going over there, to the other side of the word, it is also about the going here, to the familiar places that we don’t really pay attention to anymore. The lonely person at work or school. The lonely elderly person at church or at the mall, the broken man or woman with a cardboard sign on the street. Go to the protest in town, stand with those who are hurting and want to be heard, love them and support them. Go, ask God how to respond and obey.

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