You can donate right now to the continued work of Steps of Justice. One of the most effective ways to give of your finances is to a ministry that is currently working in areas of justice.

Explore the Steps of Justice Store where you will find apparel, prayer guides and more. The funds from sales of products in the store help further the mission of Steps of Justice.

Steps of Justice is a registered 501(c)3 and we value transparency in our financial practices. Learn more about our financial practices by viewing our GuideStar listing.

Below are some other ways you can give:

  • Time- Spend time with someone in need, a homeless person in your city or someone in your school or work who is struggling.
  • Resources- We have so many resources, one of the ways we can give is by using your resources to help others. Give away your extra cloths to someone who needs them more, or do a free garage sale for those in need. Use your photography or video skills to help serve a local non profit, or volunteer to serve a few hours a week for a non profit needing administration help.
  • Cash- This is the simplest way to give, but is so helpful. You can support a local charity, give to projects in your church or school and buy lunch for a homeless person in your town. You can also give to a non profit working with issues of injustice.