From Georgia to Cambodia

michelleWell our 2015 Cambodia trips have come to a close, but its not the end for the 56 people who were on the ground in Phnom Penh serving along side of some amazing friends and ministries. Here is a reflection of Michelle Hood’s time in Cambodia one month after returning home.

“I’ve been back from Cambodia now for almost a month and what I have found is that God continues to reveal things to me. I am in a continual state of “debrief”. I feel privileged to have worked alongside people who are dedicating their lives to serve God and this beautifully broken country.

There is not one, but many ways that God revealed Himself to me during my time with Steps of Justice. If I had to share one area that was defining, it would be regarding the power of prayer. On our first day we were asked why we came or what we hoped to witness or experience during our time. My answer was that I came to see a miracle. I was not disappointed. Cambodia is a place where you tangibly feel the spiritual battle that is talked about in Ephesians 6:12. There is a heightened sense of awareness of good and evil. God stretched me far beyond my comfort levels.

He showed me injustices that most Americans will never witness from the comforts of their privileged lives. He opened my eyes and broke my heart. He revealed His light in the eyes of a rescued girl at Daughters of Cambodia and through the crooked smile of an old woman in Oudong village. Through a divine appointment with a man named Jack, He revealed there is hope for ALL sinners through Jesus Christ! He taught me that there is nothing to fear as long as I walk in faith and obedience. He took my pitiful, timid prayers and turned them into powerful, living words of the Holy Spirit.; the same power that raised Christ from the dead! I am hopelessly in love with my God!”

We will be posting stories like this over the next few weeks and months. Check out the Steps of Justice page for information on our 2016 trips.


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