Finding the boy

photoEach Friday from now until June we are going to be posting stories on Cambodia. This summer we are taking 2 teams to Phnom Penh and we would love you to come with us. All these stories come from Steps of Justice teams and individuals that went to Cambodia with us in past years. They are amazing truths of pain and healing both for the people of Cambodia and the individuals who went on journeys there.

From Regan Watkins- Staff with Steps of Justice

One of my favorite ministries we worked with while in Cambodia is YWAM’s Children at Risk Foundation. Children at Risk is a ministry which serves a relocated village called Chom Choa by offering children programs, adult groups and mercy ministries. By doing so they bring the light of Jesus to this relocation village.

While working with them, I really connected with this little boy (I’d say he was about 3 years old). Words were never exchanged back and forth yet there was an undeniable connection between the two of us. I knew he felt safe with me and had fun while playing together.

The last day of ministry in Chom Choa had arrived and my little friend wasn’t there to say goodbye to me. I prayed to God and told him that I couldn’t leave Cambodia without seeing this child one last time. I felt that I needed to go look for him, so I left the building and walked around the slum streets for about 30 minutes hoping to see my friend. With no luck I started to walk back to the building and once again prayed that God would bring this little boy to me.

After being with the group for a little while longer, playing games and such, I made the decision to once again go look for the boy. I walked out of the building, turning right onto the street, and there, in the middle of the road, butt naked, was the little boy I had desperately looked for.

I made a gasping sound showing that I was shocked I found him. He turned around and in seeing it was me, his little body started running towards me with a smile and a scream. I was equally excited to see him and in that moment I had a revelation, God seeks after us.

In Luke 15 it says that the shepherd (God) leaves the 99 sheep to go after the one lost sheep. God pursues us and when we do find him, we run into his arms, accepting the love he so desires to give us. I thank The Lord for bringing that little boy into my life so I could show him God’s love and pursuit for him.

For more info on Cambodia check out the Matthew 25 outreach page. Spaces are filling up quickly, if you would like to come on this trip (either June or July) please let us know asap. You can call me (Phil) at 206-550-2594

Photo by Lindsay 

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