Family Prayer & Action Journey

Journey cover photoSome of you have heard already about our new project, but we would like to share a little more about it. On May 1, we are going to begin shipping the new Family Prayer and Action Journey.  We are so excited about this project. We have posted a bunch of information regarding the Family Journey, linked above, but we are posting this to ask if you would consider helping us launch. Here are a few things we are asking:

  1. Check out the Family Prayer and Action Journey page on the web site here.
  2. The Prayer Journeys are $10 each, plus $5 shipping on each order. Would you consider ordering 2; one for yourself, and one to give away to a family or your church? The total would be $25.
  3. Share about the Family Prayer and Action Journey with others using Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Use the hashtag #stepsofjustice

These can be used in many different ways. The intent was for families to go through the Journey as they gather together over a meal, specifically the breakfast or dinner meal (supper if your Canadian :). We see it as a journey families or communities can take together to hear more of God’s hear for the poor and oppressed of the world, as well as finding ways that they can be involved in bringing hope, change and justice.

We have ordered 1000 of the Prayer & Action Journeys in faith that God is going to use it in the lives of others, specifically families and communities. To order the 30 day Family Journey you can go to the above link and scroll down to the order page, we need your help to see it happen.

Thanks again so much, we are looking forward to partnering with you.


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