An encouraging response from Cambodia

Last month we took a team to Cambodia from Winnipeg, Canada. We just got this encouraging response from one of the leaders. We are humbled by it.

“We had our trip report night on Sunday and it went amazing. We did it talk show style with everyone on stage sitting on couches and chairs. We would ask a question and the team would pass the mic around to whoever wanted to give an answer.

The group really stepped up, giving honest, emotional and deep answers. We had about 150 people show up and we talked for almost 2 hours. People didn’t want to leave, we all ended up staying about another half hour talking to many individuals who either wanted to encourage us or ask more questions. We had so many people tell Karl and I that we needed to take another group, and several high school students say they wanted to go with us next time.

God really touched those who attended, many comments were that we can see how much this trip allowed you all to grow in the Spirit and the deep impact it had on the group.

I want you to be encouraged by this as well, what you are doing with your Steps program has a huge impact on the lives of those who come. Our Church see this and the families of the team see it (one of the questions we asked was “what was something you learned from your fellow team members?” Misty was one of the people who answered this and she said Linda taught her to take risks in pursuing a deeper faith – that Linda took the risk of joining a group she only knew Jack to travel half way around the world with and risked opening herself and her heart and hurts up to us and that Misty found this inspirational, giving her courage to take risks in Cambodia with her own faith walk. I looked out into the crowd and saw Linda’s mom crying – Linda’s mom had been a bit discouraging to her about doing the trip and decisions she was thinking about now coming home. I really think she needed to hear that from Misty to allow her to see Linda differently). There were so many amazing answers from the team – people were blown away by what they saw in us.

You are all doing great things for the Lord!
***The names have been changed in this post.

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