Why I don’t believe in Short term missions

By Phil Cunningham with Steps of Justice

patrickI have been leading short term trips for the past 19 years. I have brought teams to Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, Cambodia, Thailand, Costa Rica, Seattle, San Francisco, China, Korea and the Philippines. The one think I don’t believe in though is short term missions, even though I work with a short term mission organization called YWAM.

Let me explain. I believe in short term mission trips, but the concept of short term missions says just that, “I only do missions short term,” or “only the long term missionaries do mission long term.” There is no where in the scriptures that says “Go into all the world on a short term basis and preach the good news, and sometimes, when you are on a mission trip baptize people into the name of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”

This summer we are bringing people to Cambodia on our Matthew 25 trips. These trips are a step that we take as we live our lives on mission. The call on all followers of Jesus is to live life on Mission. This call has no end, it is a call on our lives for the whole of our lives, weather or not we are stay at home parents, students, career workers or full time/long term paid/supported pastors or missionaries.

The reason we created Steps of Justice is to provide practical ways that you and I can live on mission, the mission to Love God and Love others, or as we put it “do justice” We are called to to this regardless of what we do as our full time work. It all starts with one step. If there is something that you feel called to do, and want to take that first step check out MyNextStepIs┬áto get started.



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