Day 9- Action Friday.

We believe strongly that action needs to come out of awareness. Today, and every Friday during the month are action days. Taking action on something you feel convicted about is where the fun happens, where our passion moves from internal to external. This week, we have been looking at issues of race, which can be tense and uncomfortable. The thing is, everyone knows that racism and issues of race are all around us, both in the USA, Canada and the world. So, why not lean into the uncomfortableness and lead with a conversation.

Yesterday we gave a bunch of resources, in the form of books and movies that deal with racism (post is here). The action for this week is to purchase one of those books or watch one of the movies. Don’t do it alone, get together with a friend and watch the movie, or read the book together and have a discussion about it. It doesn’t have to be just one friend, you can grab a group of people, preferably from different cultures, and read or watch together (a good old fashioned book club). If you don’t know someone from a different culture or race, be intentional about changing that. Being friends with someone different than me, in culture and background, was eye opening and life changing for sure.

So, take some time this week and invite some people to journey with you as you become more aware of racism in the world and look to do something about it.

If you can’t afford the book, let me know at and I’ll purchase it for you. Also, we have our 30 Day Prayer Guides if you would like to pick one of them up.


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