Day 4- Poverty, Homes of Hope


80% if easily transmitted diseases are eliminated by getting people sleeping off of a dirt floor.

Psychologically kids get the greatest benefit from living in a home as they do better in school if their home life is stable.

The risk of exploitation decreases for a child when they love in a home.

Chance of parents being addicts are decreased by them having a home.


This week we are building a home for Jon (age 60) and his wife Yan (54). ¬†We are needing to raise $2500 to cover the material, food, and payment of local builders, and we believe we can raise that today. So far we have raised $600 dollars which puts us at the 1/3rd mark. We are asking if you could pray about giving a small or large tax deductible donation to this. Here are some way’s that you could give:

  • instead of buying a $5 coffee, give that money to this house build, or buy the coffee and give as well
  • share this need with 4 others and ask if they could give $5 each to this cause
  • give of your tithe to this project, which is 10% of your check, or give an offering if you already tithe to your home church
  • if you have an october birthday you could give up your birthday presents and ask people to give towards this house instead
  • as a family collect all the change in your home and give that towards this project.

There are so many ways that you can give. If you can, but tonight please go to our DONATE page and give there. 100% of your gift, minus credit card costs goes towards this family, and 100% is tax deductible in the USA


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