Day 30- Next Steps

Over these past 30 days we have learned about issues of injustice, prayed prayers asking God to bring freedom, and read books on issues and how to bring change. We end October Justice today, but that doesn’t mean our engagement in issues of injustice stops, no way, it has to go on. This is not a short term thing, it is a lifelong engagement that God is giving us the privilege of being involved in.

Our next steps are simple:

  1. Learn
  2. Give
  3. Go

Learn more about issues of injustice, or an issue that you feel called and led to. Read more books on that issue, watch documentaries, find social media groups, educate yourself. Doing this will increase your understanding, awareness and passion about the issues. Its like everything in our life, the more we spend time learning about something, the more our life begins to reflect our passions. This was the case with me, the more I learned about injustice, the more I knew I had to respond and act.

Give to fight injustice. Give your time, your resources and your dollars. Find an organization that is serving in the area of injustice you care about, and support them. Whether its One Days Wages, Charity Water, or a small local non-profit in your area. If your not sure where to give, you can donate to Steps of Justice here, or find out if your local church (if you attend a church) is doing anything to support justice issues.

Go somewhere and serve someone. Go across the street and help your neighbor with some work that they may have, volunteer at a local shelter, or non-profit, go VOTE in the upcoming election. If you want to take a bigger step, go on a service trip with Steps of Justice this coming summer. We are going to Cambodia to serve along side our good friends there, doing house building, fitness training and kids programs. We would love to have you serve with us, and learn more about issues of injustice internationally.

Peace to you all, and thank you for journeying with us over the past 30 days.

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