Day 2

OK, now that you are in the country, here is a brief view of day 2, your first full day in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

7am We will have a few of us head into the market to shop for breakfast (picture above). You will get to shop for the fruit and bread for the morning. We usually get lots of water mellon, pineapple, apples, mango and freshly baked french bread.

8am We will eat breakfast together.

8:30 Meet upstairs for a brief orientation and prayer for the day

9:00 Head out on the city tour where we will visit S-21, The Killing Fields, The Russian Market and Wat Phnom.

12:30 Lunch out

1:30– finish the city tour and head back to the team house

5:30 Dinner at team house

7:00 Orientation by Chris, debrief and worship.

9:00 head to bed wondering how someone could be so messed up in the head to do something so devastating to a country like Cambodia. Or, we can stay up and hang out, play cards, snack, or head out for snacks.

OK, that is day 2, looking forward to doing this with you all.

Steps of Justice.

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