Day 15- Natural Disasters

floodFlooding is a common occurrence in Cambodia, but this year it is more than just scattered flooding due to rain fall, this year roughly 850 square miles have flooded and more than 60,000 have had to evacuate their homes. So far over 100 people have lost their lives due to this extensive flooding of the Kingdom of Cambodia and two thirds of the Provinces have been hit by the flooding.

Some of the outcomes of this flooding are the sizable gaps in sanitation and water quality, which brings a risk of water born disease and other outbreaks. Acute watery diarrhea is one of the main causes for morbidity or mortality among the most young as well as elderly.

The other outcome of the flood is the lack of food. 1/3 of the population of Cambodia survives on less than $1 a day. The majority of Cambodians are rice farmers who live in the provinces, where the floods are at their worst. With the rice crop flooded out people are in desperate need of food. The other problem is that it is extremely difficult to get food in to the people and to get the people to the food.

What can we do about this? Well, there a few simple ways we can take Steps of Justice:

  1. Pray- Jesus, please be with your kids in Cambodia. Bring relief and food distribution. Help NGO’s get to the places most in need.
  2. You can give. Many organizations can use your dollars to help the Cambodian people during this time. World Vision is working with victims of flooding and would gladly take your dollars to help. Any bit counts.
  3. If you would rather give to a smaller grassroots NGO you could give through Rock Foundation Cambodia. Rock Foundation is a US 501-C3 and just last week got their NGO status in Cambodia. They are doing a great work in Cambodia. Here is a short video about the work we did with them last week to help a community living in a flooded village.
  4. Share this post, bring awareness of what is going on in the world with your friends. Take a small collection and send it in. All injustice demands a response.

Information from IRIN and Global Post

Photo by Joel Rogers. 

Tomorrow, October 16 is World Hunger Day. We will be focussing on issues of hunger for this.

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