Day 14- The Immigrant and the Stranger.

God has called His followers to engage in the refugee crisis by exhibiting empathy towards the refugee, walking alongside the refugee, and leading them towards healing and wholeness. Throughout this paper I will bring an awareness of the refugee crisis. I will discuss the refugee situation in general, and then focus specifically on the Syrian refugee community. I will show how we, as followers of Jesus can love, engage, and journey with the Syrian refugee community. I will bring clarity to what a refugee is, sharing statistics, stories and history. Throughout the paper we will gain an understanding of the Syrian refugee crisis and learn how God calls his people to respond to this crisis. I will use examples from scripture, books on the refugee crisis, experts in the field and my own personal experiences.

This is myThesis for my Masters in Social Justice degree. We must care for the immigrant and the stranger, it is not a suggestion, but a command. To read the rest, grab a tasty drink, a nice snack, find a comfortable place and click below.

Refugees, the Syrian Crisis, and a Christian response

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