Chillin with the Youth Workers

This week I find myself in Nashville, TN at the NYWC with my good friend P. Wade Pallister. What are we doing way over here in Nashville? Well, hanging out with good people, networking, planning, dreaming and praying about the present and future of Steps Of Justice. It is an exciting time to be here as we are accompanied by over 4000 youth workers, missions organizations and everyone else who works in any kind of Christian ministry.

How did we end up here? Well, Wade and I basically hitch hiked and scalped our way across the country. On Tuesday we flew from San Diego to Dallas and camped on our good friend Lars Roods couch.  From there we hitched a ride to Memphis where we slept on a 120 year old church floor, the church was also 120 years old, not just the floor. Finally, today we drove four hours east and landed in Nashville where my good friend Adam is taking good care of us.

We see this as a significant time for Steps Of Justice. We are trying to help the church act on something that they already care deeply about, Justice. If you are reading and you have become a fan of Steps Of Justice we would really appreciate your prayers, tweets and Facebook¬†messages. We plan on talkind to, bothering and serving as many people as we can connect with while we are here. We want so see many more people engaging with the prayer guide, engaging with us on twitter and Facebook and getting involved in ‘doing justice.’

Thanks for your time and energy spent in walking with us, we really appreciate it.

With much love and appreciaton,

Phil and the Steps Of Justice gang.

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