Cambodia or bust

Tomorrow morning 5 of us will leave LA and head to Cambodia for the Steps of Justice Cambodia trip, two day’s later we will be joined by 17 others. The reason that we are all getting together in Cambodia is because we have a similar passion, and that is to ‘do justice’ on behalf of the oppressed. The team is flying in from all over for this trip. Many from the USA, but there are also a few from Canada, one from Mexico and two from New Zealand that are already on the ground. We will be in Phnom Penh till the 20th of August.

The trip is going to be life changing, not just for the people we meet in Cambodia, but also for us. There are a few members of the team who have never travelled internationally like this before. A few others have never been on a mission trip. My thought is that our lives are going to be changed and wrecked just as much if not more than the people we work with in Cambodia. The point of the trip is to serve the people of Cambodia, but also to get out of our day to day lives and let Jesus wreck us for the things that He is passionate about.

If you would lik to follow along with the trip we will be posting pictures and stories over at Twitter, Facebook, Google + and this blog. We would love to have you praying with and for us on this incredible journey. Here is a basic schedule of our time so you can see what we will be up to.

Cheers and much love.

Tuesday, August 9 – Team Arrives and gets settled and do introductions/prayer/worship

Wednesday, August 10 -Head out on the city tour, Orientation by Chris, debrief and worship

Thursday, August 11 – Head out for Hagar. Kids program from 2-5 at the Children At Risk location.

Friday, August 12 – Head to Russian Market to find and talk to all the NGO and child safe places. Head out to kids program and Dinner at Friends 

Saturday, August 13 – Head to an NGO to hear about their work in the city. Head out to kids program

Sunday, August 14 – Church and thead out to kids program

Monday, August 15 – Leave for IJM. Then head out to the rock quarry.

Tuesday, August 16 Head out for World Vision for the day. We will be working with their children at risk ministry.

Wednesday, August 17 Leave for the Happy Tree Orphanage for kids with HIV/AIDS

Thursday, August 18 Leave for the Happy Tree Orphanage and Dinner at Friends International Cambodia restaurant

Friday, August 19 Home for some, play for others.






  1. Charles Camsell

    I lead a prayer team at our church in in Grande Prairie, Alberta, Canada. We have been and will continue to pray for Steps of Justice and my son Julian who left to join you in Cambodia.

  2. Renee Sams

    My husband and I are praying for your team daily and throughout the day. You are heavy on our hearts as we know that you are surrendered and sacrificing for the work of our Lord. May God bless each of you beyond your hope and imagination! Send our love and encouragement to Denise.

    May you continue to be surrounded and empowered by the Holy Spirit!

    Love – Renee & Ed

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