Cambodia or bust

In August 2011 a group of 22 of us came back from a 10 day Steps of Justice trip to Cambodia. It was an amazing time where we saw God break our hearts for the things that break His. As a result we saw each other respond to a need, step out in obedience and meet that need in Jesus name. We can’t wait to go back with you. We are super psyched to announce that we will be going back to Cambodia in the summer of 2012. The dates for the trip are listed belown. This will be the 6th year of us taking teams to Cambodia. We are super excited about 2012 because of the outreach opportunities.

The Steps Of Justice trips are not just your normal outreach trips, they are a combination of Justice awareness, education on justice issues both locally and internationally and lots of opportunities to work with those who are the victims of injustice. Some of the things that you will be doing on your outreach are the following:

– hanging out at the Happy Tree orphanage that brings in children with HIV/AIDS

– spending time in the slums with the poor putting on children’s programs, running clinics on sanitation and hand washing and doing hair washing for the kids in the villages

– hearing from organizations on the ground like IJM, Friends International, Hagar, Daughters and World Vision.

– We will also be having meals at restaurants that are geared to employ former street children and victims of human trafficking in order to help them restore their lives

– We will be doing our shopping at places where all the material and goods are made by former sex slaves and trafficked victims. All the proceded from your purchases goes back into the programs that restore these individuals lives.

To read more, including dates and prices head over here

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