Cambodia, It’s all about Jesus

In 5 months a group of us will be headed to Phnom Penh, Cambodia on the Steps Of Justice Cambodia outreach. Yesterday I was spending some time with my good friend Chris. We were talking about Steps Of Justice and what makes it something that is worth following and worth being a part of. The answer that we came up with is Jesus. Now that seems like a pad answer and it is. What goes with that answer though is what makes all the difference. As followers of Jesus we want to see the world made whole and come into relationship with Him. Everything we do has to be about Jesus, Jesus in us and Jesus in others.

A while back someone commented on this blog about how it is a waste of time, resources and energy to take people on short term trips. Coming from me, someone who has been taking people on trips like the Cambodia one for the past 15 years I adamantly disagree. Why do I disagree? Well, because doing these trips is one way that we can journey with Jesus. This trip that we are doing to Cambodia is most likely going to cost you $2000 USD for 12 day’s or so. That a lot of money, but we are going to spend that money on other things anyway.

My father in law just drove 35 people down from Saskatchewan Canada to Los Angeles for 2 weeks. They went to Disneyland, Seaworld and the zoo. The price of this trip was $1,650 for adults and $900 for kids, this price did not include food or shopping for the 2 weeks. These people spent a ton of money on themselves (I am not downplaying Disney or spending money on ourselves, just stating a fact). They had no reservation on weather or not it was going to be worth it, or a wise investment of their money (well maybe some did), most likely they got excited about their family doing this trip and they sacrificed and saved and went.

If people are willing to pay $1,650 on a 2 week trip to Disneyland then how much more should we be willing to pay that much for a trip to Cambodia in order to learn, grow and share the love of Jesus. For me, this is the investment. For those of us going on this trip we are going to encounter Jesus in new and fresh ways that we have never encountered Him before. We are also going to hear Jesus speaking to us out of those living in extreme poverty and those whose lives are intensely different from ours and how we live our lives.

We are also going to bring the love of Jesus to a people that are called and chosen by him. We are going to bring light, love, hope and a fresh joy to the people of Cambodia. To me, this is a wise investment of ours and others money. For those of us raising support for this trip be encouraged, God will be with you. This is something close to Gods heart and mind. For those of you supporting people to go on this trip be encouraged. You are a part of us, you are a part of what God is going to do in and through us in Cambodia.

This is what sets us a part, we live, breath and act our of our love and passion for Jesus and as a result we will see our lives changed and be the change that Jesus wants to see in the world. Thanks to those of you who are coming with us to Cambodia this summer with Steps, and please keep us in your prayers if you are not.



Photo by Vanessa Hadford


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