Cambodia Day 4

Thursday, June 21 Day 4 of the Cambodia trip.

– 7:30am breakfast

– 8:30 Go to IJM (International Justice Mission) for orientation and join their staff prayer

– 11:30 head out to kids program and house build (lunch at the build site)

OK, so for those of you who didn’t know, we are building a house while in Cambodia. We are working with a ministry of YWAM that helps Children at Risk. We will also be putting on a 4 day kids program. We will be working on this when you arrive in Cambodia, but I assure you that it is going to rule. We will give you rolls and responsibilities when we see you in Cambodia. Oh, and lunch at building site is also going to rule.

– 6:00 Dinner at YWAM house

– 7:00 Meet to debrief the day, worship and stories of 3 people (stories are where we share how we ended up coming to Cambodia and what we hope to see happen as a result).

OK, will post more later, looking forward to having you all there.

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