Cambodia Day 3

Wednesday, Day 3 of the Cambodia trip.

Just remember, this schedule is what we have set for now, but as always when you go to another country and culture that is not your own things can and most likely will change. But, as Steve Winwood say’s, “roll with it baby.” We are making plans and then if things stay on schedule, which 90% of the time they do, then we have program, but if things do change and we are needed somewhere else then we will be fine to go with the flow. The key, be flexible, adaptable and open to whatever comes our way.


– 7:00 am  breakfast. Warm french bread, jam and fresh fruit

– 8:00 meet to talk about and pray for the day

– 9:00 Travel to spend time with the folks at Love 146.

– 12:00 Lunch

– 1:00 Travel to children at risk program to hang, play and love on kids

– 5:00 Home for dinner

– 6:00 Dinner

– 8:00 Debrief the day and have worship, story and prayer.


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