Cambodia or bust

Cambodia_OctSteps-1In one week from today, September 30, Steps of Justice will be hosting their 3rd trip to Phnom Pehn, Cambodia. This year we are partnering with a crew from YWAM NZ, there will be 20 of us all together.

This trip will be very unique as we will be there during the beginning of October Justice Awareness Month. In past years we have focussed our attention on issues of world poverty, which leads to issues of slavery, trafficking, hunger/water issues and lack of education. This year, we will be focussing on all those same issues, but making it specific to the Kingdom of Cambodia.

We are excited to go through this month with you. Our hope is that we gain a better understanding of how to engage with areas of injustice in specific way’s and in specific locations. That through seeing how NGO’s and ministries engage with areas of injustice in their own back yard (Cambodia) it will help us see how we can bring justice in our homes.

During the month we will look at areas like:

  • poverty
  • trafficking
  • genocide
  • land grabbing
  • homelessness
  • drug abuse
  • prejudices
  • gender injustice
  • lack of education

We will also be going through some practical steps to help us walk a little bit in the shoes of those we are praying for, like going a day without water, a day without shoes, fasting for those who are hungry, setting up movie screenings on issues of injustice, and a lot of prayer for specific injustices around the world.

Finally, we will also have a project where we raise money to help a family in desperate need in Cambodia. During the trip we will be building a home for a family and our goal is to raise the money to build that home, approx. $2500 USD.

To help you gage what the next 30 day’s will look like we have provided a free download of the Steps of Justice Prayer & Action guide here. To sign up go to the Facebook event page, and then starting October 1 join us over at October Justice. Hmm, thats a lot of links.

Any questions you can email us here.

Photo by Lindsey Brunsman

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