Cambodia or bust- so it begins

Screen Shot 2013-08-05 at 2.26.07 PMToday the Steps of Justice crew began the long travel over to Phnom Penh. Wade, one of our staff is over there now, and the rest of us travel tomorrow, hopefully. There has already been some set backs, but we are working them out and praying once again against the enemy stopping what God has meant for good. Here is a prayer request that you can stand with us in. It was written early in the am by Wade.

“I would like to ask you if you would pray for my friends Phil and Amy Cunningham (who are leading this Steps of Justice outreach with me) and for their whole family. Just as I was driving to the airport tonight, Phil called me and told me that they were having problems with their daughter Emma’s passport. Apparently, they just realized that it expires in under six months and because of that the airline will not let her on the plane to go to Cambodia. Of course, this is a giant problem and a very big stress for them as a family. So Phil is flying tonight from Hawaii to San Diego, getting Emma’s birth certificate out of their storage locker, then immediately flying back to Honolulu to go to an appointment at the US consulate. They are praying that the consulate will be able to re-issue Emma’s passport in 24 hours, and then they will fly ASAP to Cambodia one day late to meet us all.

On top of this, their 3 yr old daughter, Eliza, also has a fever and a bad reaction to her travel immunization shots. Please hold them up in their prayers.

Please also pray for our team worship leader, Alan. He booked his ticket through the online travel site KAYAK and is flying on Korean Airlines. However, somehow his name was incorrect on his ticket so he is unable to fly. At first Korean Airlines was not going to let him change it or give him a refund. Now they are willing to be flexible but please pray for better communication between KAYAK and Korean Airlines. We feel it is very important to have Alan has part of our team.

Prayer and worship is such an important part of spiritual warfare during our time in Cambodia. When you are learning about and dealing with social injustices like genocide, slavery, trafficking, and extreme poverty, worship is a vital part of our team times together in Cambodia. Will you please… Pray for peace and favour upon the Cunningham family. Pray that Emma’s passport will be renewed. Pray that Alan’s ticket will be changed and that he will be able to come with us. Pray for little Eliza that her fever would break and that she would be healthy before she gets on the plane. Pray for our safety and smooth logistics. Pray that hearts and lives would be changed and that we would have a lot of fun! Thank you so much for having our backs!

All my love from gate D55… 12:40am PST -Wade Pallister”

Feature Image by Lindsey Brunsman.

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