Doing justice, one step at a time.

IMG_2544This past weekend a small group of us headed up to San Fransisco for Super Bowl week. We went to over 40 hotels and service stations passing out information on missing children and child sex trafficking. Everyone we talked to was more than willing to put up a missing children flyer and had a desire to know more about child trafficking and ways that they could help stop it.

It was a simple thing really. We went to these places with a bit of information (provided by the San Fransisco Police department) and told people how they can help prevent sex trafficking in their establishments. We gave them tools to stop something that they hate.

Doing justice is easy, its just a matter of looking at the things around you that are not loving towards others and asking God and others how you can get involved to bring change. One of the ways we do this is on our summer Cambodia trips. If you want to get more involved in caring for the poor, bringing freedom to the slave and healing to the sick and oppressed we would love to have you journey with us.

Send us an email here, or you can head over to the Cambodia trip page here.

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