Cambodia 2013- Intentionality

DSC_0120In 7 months from Aug. 12-21 we will be gathering on the ground in Phnom Penh, Cambodia for the 2013 Steps Of Justice Cambodia outreach. This outreach will be very intentional in all that we do. Where we eat will be intentional, what we wear, who we meet, where we shop , and where and how we do ministry will be very intentional. Intentional about what? Justice, we will be very intentional about ‘doing justice’ in every aspect of the trip.

I have been going to Cambodia for 7 years now and I have met and established good relationship with people and organizations there that I am excited about going back to with you. The outreach will be focusing on 3 different areas. One of the focuses will be on training and education. We will spend a good deal of time talking about justice and what the bible has to say about ‘doing justice.’ We will be doing this in various places around Phnom Penh, including the killing fields, the buddhist temple, and with the the poor. This piece is huge. It shows us why ‘doing justice’ is so vital to the life of a Christ Follower.

Another focus will be in awareness. We will be partnering with other NGO’s and ministries learning and seing what they are doing among the poor and at risk. Some of this time will be spend hearing from people at IJMWorld VisionHagar International and Friends. We will be hearing about what they have done to ‘do justice’ in Cambodia and as a result wrestle with our responsibility to ‘do justice’ where we come from and where we live back home. My prayer is that we will become aware of the injustice around us at home and also internationally.

The final focus will be on the practical side of ‘doing justice.’ We will be shopping in the markets, but purchasing from certified shops that are helping the poor and at risk. We will be having our meals at restaurants like Friends, Romdeng, Hagar. We will also be working with the poor, the at risk and the orphan. These are the things that we have been called to do as followers of Jesus.

This outreach is not only for the Cambodian people, it is for you and for me. It is intended to give us hope. To show us that we can ‘do justice.’ To reveal to us what it looks like to live a life of obedience to the father of preaching the gospel to the poor, caring for the orphan and widow and doing for the least of these.

For those of you already signed up we can’t wait to see you, for those of you who are interested, and many of you are, please respond and let me know ASAP and I will get some registration information out to you. For more information about the trip including dates and prices and to download the pdf please go the outreach page.

Thanks and see you there.

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