Calling all Storytellers

This summer we are taking three trips to Cambodia with Steps of Justice. The trips consist of 3 parts:

1. Awareness of injustice issues, both in Cambodia and the world.

2. Education on what we can do to fight injustice through the meeting of local NGO’s.

3. Practical work on the ground in Cambodia to bring Justice (house building, kids ministry, etc).

There are injustices happening all over the world. How do we know this? We know it because people have shared the story of injustice. They have shared it through photographyvideo, music and blogging.

This summer we need your voice, Cambodia needs your voice. We need photographers, videographers, artists, bloggers and story tellers. We are working with the poorest of the poor in Cambodia and they need relief, restoration and development. Their story of injustice needs to be told so that people can act and respond.

You can see more on our trips here and if you would like to go please shoot us an email.


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