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2 years ago this January the Borei Keila community of Phnom Penh, Cambodia was forcefully and illegally evicted from their homes. We posted on this a couple of weeks ago here.

Brett Medlin and Rock Foundation Cambodia, our ministry partner in Phnom Penh have been working along side of this community for the past 2 years, since the eviction. The community was evicted and relocated to the outskirts of the city  where there was no housing, no work and only 1 functional well for over 100 families. Rock Foundation Cambodia has been working with this community by helping them obtain land rights and houses. This year alone Rock Foundation Cambodia have built 70 homes and 100 toilets within the Borei Keila relocation community. They do this by raising money and employing local Cambodians to build. This is quite different than other models we have seen where the foreign teams who donated build the homes. Brett is empowering and employing the local Cambodians.

Currently Rock Foundation Cambodia is in the middle of building a community center/church in the relocation area. The building is an 8m x 10m 2-story church, community center, feeding center, place for medical clinics, elementary school, and team house.  It will be a refuge to the more than 100 families that were forcibly and violently evicted from their homes in Phnom Penh. The church/community center will be constructed with concrete pillars and a wooden frame. They will use planked wood for walls, floor material, and stairs. The roof will be covered with roofing tiles made to help reflect the heat.

Rock Foundation Cambodia have already purchased 1 acre of land attached to the village and now need the funding to build the church/community center. They have already raised $4000 and need an additional $4000. They are building as I write this, but will shortly run out of funds. This is a great opportunity to give and help provide a church for this community. Steps of Justice has spent time with this community over the past 2 years and have seen amazing community development happen there. Below are some pictures of the Church as it stands now.

a photo 2

photo 1

If you can give to this project you can do so through the Steps of Justice site here. 100% of your gift, minus credit card fees will be given directly to Rock Foundation Cambodia for this project.  All gifts in the USA are fully tax deductible. Please pray with us and help us see the funds come in. Every little bit counts, so give what you feel God asking of you. Thanks and have an amazing weekend.

Please share, like and involve your community, family and friends in this project.

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