Steps Of Justice Step 1

I just wanted to give you an update on the Steps Of Justice ministry that I am working on and also ask you if you would consider giving to it. I know this is blunt and to the point, but we need people to give ($1 to $100 or anything in there) in order to [...] Read More

Steps of Justice at Jr. High camp

This week I am teaching at the Jr. High camp up in Washington St. It is cold, rainy (Washington rain, not torrential downpour), and I am sleeping in a tent with a bunch of loud yet cool Jr. High students. We had different workshops today and I facilitated two on justice focussed issues. I was not sure [...] Read More

Tom’s ‘A Day Without Shoes’

Yesterday was Tom’s “A day without shoes” day. I love these events where it causes me to constantly think about the injustice I are praying for as I put thoughts and prayers into action. I am currently at the YWAM facility in TJ, Mexico parenting my kids as my wife staffs the school of photography [...] Read More

Cambodia at 5:43am

This is a journal entry I found today that I did in Cambodia. Thought I would post it here It’s 5:43 am in Phnom Penh, Cambodia and I can’t sleep. For some reason when I am in countries like Cambodia I wake up early, but today is an exception, it is super early. So instead [...] Read More

From Haiti to Disneyland in 24 hours

On Sunday myself and 2 friends flew back to the States after spending 13 day’s in Haiti. On Monday morning, just 13 hours later I found myself at “the happiest place on earth,” Disneyland. This was not the most planned out/thought out move on my part, but it had been in the works for a while. We [...] Read More

24 hours in Port Au Prince

Yesterday morning I headed from St. Marc into Port Au Prince to work at the rescue tent YWAM has set up across the street from the Presidential palace. Driving down there is still so surreal. It is hard to find images of the damage on the Internet or on the news as it has been over [...] Read More