Cambodia and CrossFit

This summer, a group (approx 12 people) are headed to Cambodia with Step of Justice to learn from and serve with a small group of non profits and NGO’s. We will be working with the Children at Risk community that we have partnered with for the past 10+ years. We are excited to see our friends again and be involved in the work they are doing, serving the most vulnerable community in the country, the poor, the widow and the orphan.

The other NGO we are serving with is Agape International Mission, who rescues kids, women and men out of human trafficking. They not only rescue people, they also provide counseling, childcare, medical benefits and jobs for those who are coming out of slavery. We are honored to be able to run a CrossFit camp with them, serving 20 kids and 20 teens.

This competition will be one week after the competition we are running for our community in Kalispell. It will be fun to see how this program works both in the USA and in SE Asia. One thing we need is help from you. We are looking to bring supplies to use and leave with AIM for the camp. Some things we are looking to bring are jump ropes, sand bags, and small weights (which we will most likely purchase in country). We are also looking to raise some money to help put on the camp, so it doesn’t fall on the participants coming with us.

The amount we looking to raise is $2000. This will cover all the expenses of the camp, including snacks, prizes and equipment (all snacks will be Cambodian, so lots of crickets for protein, haha). If you would like to help us out in this, please give over at our DONATE page and designate it for Cambodia Camp on the memo or notes.

Here are some items we are looking to purchase.

Thanks so much, we are super excited about this opportunity.

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