Being faithful.

I was reading this morning about the calling of Moses to go and bring the Israelites out of captivity found in Exodus 3. This was a huge call, one overwhelmed Moses. He was afraid, hesitant, and wanted God to send someone else to do his work. But, after much deliberation, and convincing, Moses obeyed God.

The thing that stuck me in all of this is how the calling happened. Moses was just being faithful in his daily life. He wasn’t looking for a way out, he wasn’t looking for something better or more glamerous, he was just doing his job, and bring present. The word says “Moses was keeping the flock of his father-in- law” (Exodus 3:1). He was doing his daily work, but his eyes were open enough and his mind was aware enough, that he saw and heard the burning bush. In curiosity, Moses went over to the bush and that’s when God called him to his next step.

You may find yourself constantly looking for that next thing. Living in dissatisfaction and always looking to whats next. We need to trust God that when we are living faithfully, in the place we are at, He will give us direction to what is next. God is good to his word. His word says, “He has come that we may have life, and life abundant” (John 10:10). God has great things for us. I believe that many times we don’t see what those great things are, as we are constantly looking towards what is next, and not walking faithfully in where we are currently at.

My challenge to you and me, walk faithfully in being local, and trust God that He will faithfully reveal to you the next step. Then, when He does show up, step into the curiosity of it all, and walk in obedience to what God is saying. Moses could have been dissatisfied with going from the Prince of Egypt to a shepherd, but it doesn’t say that, it just says he was doing his job.  I’m sure the internal struggle was there, but he still was faithful.

Walk faithfully in your word today, knowing that God has it under control and will speak what your next steps should be.


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