Beautiful Cambodia

cambodiaThe people of Cambodia are amazing. They are strong and determined. They are hard workers and proud of their work. They are caring and loving of each other. They are welcoming to people of other cultures, language and countries. They are hospitable. They know how to throw an amazing party. They are fun. They cook the most amazing food with the most limited cooking supplies. They are adaptable. They have a heart after God. They know how to laugh and they know how to mourn. They are servants and they are leaders. They are generous and they are gracious.

We go to Cambodia this summer as guests of a people who welcome us with open arms. These 1o days in Cambodia will be an amazing time of growth where we learn from Jesus and also His creation in Cambodia. Please come with us this summer as we journey with our friends in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

To sign up for our August trip or to get more information click here.

Photo from Rebuild Cambodia

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