Another morning in Somalia

I was thinking last night as I talked with my friend Jenna about the situation in Somalia. Jenna asked “How would we deal with a situation here if a mother and her children were walking from one town to the next and had to leaver one of her dead, starved children on the side of the road so that she could quickly get the rest of her family to provisions before they die.” That has stuck with me. I believe we would have done anything we could have to see the situation put right.

The problem lays when situations like the famine in Somalia are so far away it is hard to put an emotion or an action to it. This is where, for the most part I see you and me doing nothing, cause we don’t know what to do. “As it stands, more than two million Somalis are affected by the drought while around a million are said to be internally displaced” (News). There has to be a response and a way that we can get involved.

Steps of Justice is calling you and I to respond this coming Monday, July 25. This isn’t going to cost you any more than you would normally spend on food and liquid in a 24 hour time frame, we are just calling you to spend that money on others and going hungry for the day. We are calling for a 24 fast from food and liquid. Normally we would spend up to $20 on food and liquids for the day, so would you join us in not eating or drinking from the time you wake up on Monday till the time you wake up on Tuesday and sending $20 to Steps of Justice where 100%, thats right 100% will be given to humanitarian AID in Somalia. It’s also a tax right off for you.

Please join us over at the Facebook Event page and sign up or if you just want to donate online you can go here. Take a step and help change peoples lives.

Isaiah 58:6 ““Is not this the fast that I choose: to loose the bonds of wickedness, to undo the straps of the yoke, to let the oppressed go free, and to break every yoke?”

Picture from news

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