An evening of justice and worship

The other night, Saturday to be exact Steps Of Justice held our first evening of justice and worship. It was a beautiful time of hearing the need and responding to Gods call for us to get involved. Micah 6:8 say’s that God has shown us what is good, and what He required of us is to do justice. I love this passage, it is not a passage suggesting that we do justice, it is a¬†passage¬†where we are told that this is what is required of us as followers of Jesus. It is a hard word, but many of the things that Jesus said were hard, in fact he was executed over a few of them.

An evening of justice and worship looks a lot like other gatherings of people who want to hear the voice of Jesus and respond to it. We started off the evening by washing peoples hands as they entered into the room. We used soap that Wade Pallister made and wants to continue making in Thailand to create business for the Akha people. Then we took some time to pray for the disaster over in Japan. Then we took some time to tell stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things in the name of doing justice. We presented the needs of the 27 million slaves in the world, the 25000 who die every day from hunger related causes and those living in extreme poverty, which are those 1.4 billion living on less $1.25 USD a day.

After presenting the issues and telling the stories of people who took small steps towards doing great things we asked everyone what their next step was. Then, we took 45 minutes for worship and intercession for the poor, hurting and oppressed in the world. The scripture that we used for the night is from Acts. It is where Paul and Silas were in prison worshipping Jesus. As a result of their worship their chains were broken. Not only were their chains broken, but all the prisoners chains were broken and they were all set free.

We are called to set the captives free and to do Justice, but it must come from a heart that beats for Jesus. He is the one who sets the captives free, and He choses to use us to see that happen. Whatever you believe in regards to the church doing social justice I am convinced that it is the call on every believer, but it starts with a heart after God.

We will be running these evenings often over the next while, check back on the site here to see dates listed for future events. We are honored that we get to be a part of sharing the good news of Jesus in this way. Thanks to those of you who came on Saturday, we are excited to see how God uses your next step.

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