Advent Conspiracy

Advent banner centeredThe Christmas story is a story of love, hope, redemption and relationship. So, what happened? How did it turn into stuff, stress and debt? Somehow, we’ve traded the best story in the world for the story of what’s on sale.

In 2006 five pastors imagined a better Christmas practice for their own communities. Today, Advent Conspiracy is a global movement of people and churches resisting the cultural Christmas narrative of consumption by choosing a revolutionary Christmas through Worshipping Fully, Spending Less, Giving More and Loving All.

It is not enough to say no to the way Christmas is celebrated by many; we need to say yes to a different way of celebrating. Lets conspire to change the way we celebrate Christmas

This Christmas, give freedom.

Steps of Justice believes that this Christmas we can give freedom. We are offering great Christmas presents that will not only bring a smile to the person who receives it, but will also bring freedom to girls in Phnom Penh, Cambodia who are trapped in the sex trade. Our friends Pina and Antonia are changing lives in Cambodia. They are giving girls an alternative to sex work by providing them job training and work in a hair salon that they started in a small community. You can see their work here.

We are launching this years Advent Conspiracy campaign on November 1. We are so excited about the gift that this will be to Pina and her community. Here is how it is going to work:

1. On November 1 stop by the Steps of Justice site.

2. Purchase a gift for someone you love.

3. Give freedom to women and families in Cambodia.

See you on Saturday my friends.

Info taking from Advent Conspiracy

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