Advent Conspiracy

It’s December 2, the second day of Advent. Today, the community that I am apart of held a Christmas bazaar. It was amazing to see the different foods, musical acts, vendors and activities happening all around me. It was this beautiful time where people got to share their creativity, talents and passions to others as a gift.

This to me is what Christmas is about. It is about God’s people gathering together to worship Jesus and share community with each other. Christmas isn’t about stressing over what to buy your Uncle Randolph or Auntie Cecile. It isn’t about going into debt out of the obligation to keep up with everyone else who is going into debt from purchasing gifts. It isn’t about stress, anxiety, spending or consumption. Christmas is about love, peace, joy, family and community.

What are you looking forward to this Christmas season? What are you not looking forward to? What things do you want to see happen this year that you have not ever seen?

This Christmas season we are going to post weekly on creative things you can do to make Christmas beautiful. Creative ways of giving to people and changing the consumeristic mentality of this season that TV, radio and magazines have brainwashed you with. Lets start with watching this video from Advent Conspiracy.


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