A good first week for Steps Of Justice

So Steps Of Justice has been live for 4 day’s now and so far things are moving. We have 47 likes on Facebook, 62 followers on Twitter, a sweet web site courtesy of Scott Bothel and coming in 1/2 hour a 72 page 30 day Steps Of Justice action/prayer guide. Pretty sweet for only rockin this thing for only 4 days I think.

OK, so it has been 1/2 hour since I wrote that in 1/2 hour the Steps Of Justice action/prayer guide would be available. Well, they are now available. I just got back from the printers (it’s 9:15pm on Sunday night) and I have them in hand. Man, I feel like a school girl who went shopping for new cloths and it’s the 1st day of school and you are giddy with excitement to show people your new shoes, cloths, back pack, lunch box and pencil case. I would say that’s exaggerating, but I really feel that way.

Thanks, thanks, thanks again to all of you who helped make this possible. Thanks to you who have purchased the 30 day guide already and thanks to you who are going to purchase them. Let me tell you ,they are meaty (heavy) and they are sweet looking. I can’t wait for you to get yours.

Much love and excitement


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