A day of mourning for Cambodia

On Monday, as you probably have already heard there was a deadly stampede in Cambodia that has caused the death of over 450 people and has seriously injured over 750 others. It was during Cambodia’s yearly water festival. The festival was coming to its end and people were gathered together to be apart of the celebration. There were over 7000 people on the bridge watching the festivities when fear started to set in.

Because there were so many people on the bridge people were paranoid that it would collapse. A second route to watch the festival was blocked off so people had no where to go. With no direction or governmental help things started to get tense. People were jumping off the bridge to get out, others were grabbing broken electrical wires to escape and getting electrocuted as a result. The rest of the people started pushing and forcing their way off, and as crushing hundreds of people where were also doing the same thing. Now, the country of Cambodia is experiencing it’s worst disaster since the mid 70’s when the Khmer Rouge devastated the country.

I have been to Cambodia many times and have crossed the same bridge that is now littered with cloths, police tape and broken lives. I have just emailed my good friend over in Phnom Penh to hear how he is and how we can be involved. My immediate call is for us to go. This country is plagued by poverty, disaster, sex trafficking and slavery, yet it is the most beautiful country that I have ever set my feet on. It’s beauty lays within her people. People of home, joy, passion, kindness and love. If any country has a reason to lay down and accept its fate it is Cambodia, but they refuse.

My call to you is to come with me this summer to Cambodia. I am not promoting a mission trip, I am giving an opportunity to go. Lets go together and walk the bridge going over to Diamond Island. Come with me to pray and serve the people of Cambodia. I am serious, please pray and consider coming to Cambodia with me. How beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news.

For more info on the trip please go to the Cambodia 2011 page.

This is how the festival is supposed to look

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