A Christmas to remember.

On December 16, Steps of Justice, Bridge Builders Network and a few others orgs and churches are hosting a Christmas party for our Syrian friends living in the community. We desire to present ourselves as Christ followers, who love our neighbors, are imperfect human beings, but dedicated to learning the teachings of Jesus and obeying Him. We also desire to demonstrate God’s love, by showing respect for our Syrian neighbor families and the culture and traditions that they bring with them (whether we agree with everything or not). We lean towards the practice of humility, and being attentive and willing to listen well as they share their stories, their needs, and the things on their hearts.

Pray with us as we desire to provide faithful and long term friendships with these families as they seek to adjust to living in a completely different, multi-cultural country with freedom of religion and religious expression. All the while, still carrying the burden of trauma experienced while fleeing war and death in their homeland.

At the party we will have a Syrian family sitting with an American family (and a couple of Kurdish families). The tables will share Syrian and American food, decorate a Christmas tree together and talk about Christmas and why we celebrate. We are so excited to celebrate the season with our friends and neighbors. We are excited to share stories, give presents, dance with the Kurds and hear about the hope and peace that Jesus brings.

Please pray for peace and joy to come during this time as we celebrate with our good friends and meet new friends during the night.


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