A Christmas Celebration

On December 8, 2018 Steps of Justice, in partnership with Bridge Builders Network will host our third annual Christmas celebration with the Syrian refugee community. This celebration of culture, friendship and the birth of Jesus  has become something that we look forward to each year. This year we are running three separate celebrations with 40 Syrian families. Steps of Justice is mainly responsible for the December 8 party, and we would love your partnership to see it happen.

The evening is very relational, think about a Sunday evening church potluck, but without the lemon meringue pie. We seat a local Christian family and a Syrian family together at each table. The desire is to build relationships between Christians and Muslims, Syrians and Americans. We do this by having table conversation, crafts and fellowship over amazing food, music and dancing. The event will have lots of Christmas music, both traditional and contemporary Christmas carols, in English and Arabic. We also have a photographer coming to take pictures of each family.

We will have a few activities for the kids, as most of the Syrian families have many children of all ages. The boys we work with on a regular basis will be helping with the night, setting up and welcoming people in. This is not an event just for the refugee community, but in partnership with them. We will also be sharing the Christmas story about the birth of Christ, with the message of hope that it brings to all nations. We are so excited about this event, as it has become one of the main ways that we celebrate friendships with each other. We are asking for your support and partnership to see this happen.


  1. Financial Support. These events cost a significant amount to host, so we are looking for generous donors. The budget for the December 8 Christmas celebration is $3000, which we are looking to raise by December 1. This covers food, the cook (an amazing Syrian woman who we are friends with), table decorations, gift bags for each family, rental facility and table settings.
  2. Prayer- Prayer for peace, deepening of relationships and that the message of hope in Jesus would be received. Also, please pray that this event is received not as a tool, but as a celebration of friendship, faith and the birth of Jesus.


Tax deductible donations can be made online under Friends of Syria over at Christmas Celebration, or checks can be payable to

Steps of Justice- Box 390184, San Diego, CA 92149

Thank you partnering with us in this important event.

For more information contact Phil Cunningham at 206-550-2594 or phil@stepsofjustice.org

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Here are some photos from previous celebrations.