A Cambodia Photo tour by Vanessa

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Good afternoon all. This Cambodia post is all about showing you Cambodia, the people and places. Our time there will be filled with good food, meeting great people, riding on public transportation and serving the needs of the poor in this amazing nation. The best way that I can show you that right now is through pictures.

Our good friend and amazing photographer Vanessa is going to be coming with us on this trip. Here is a few pictures that Vanessa took on our last trip to Cambodia. As you look through these images of beautiful people imagine yourself in them. Imagine you playing with these kids and hearing the stories of these people.

I am super excited to be doing this trip, so far we have approx. 20 people going with room for 10 more. Please pray and consider coming with us on this Steps Of Justice Cambodia outreach and if you are coming, pray about who else you would like to see there with you.

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