Homes of Hope for Cambodia

00 IMG_82512 weeks ago we posted on the issue of poverty and asked if you could give towards a new home for  Jon (age 60) and his wife Yan (54). The family, mom, dad and 5 children live on less than $2 a day, they earn this by sweeping the town market at 4:30am and after it closes at night.  Our goal was to raise $2000USD to build this family a 215 square foot home. Over a period of 4 day’s 11 of you gave $2630. Most of that came from 1 person, and the rest gave small amounts that added up.

All of the homes that we build in partnership with the Children at Risk ministry are painted bright blue, they are hard to miss. After we finished the home, on Thursday, we prayed for the family, said some words of encouragement and then heard from them as to how they were feeling. They were so full of joy as we sat in their home and shared words and sung together. The woman is getting baptized next month and the family is very interested in who Jesus is. Our hope is that we not only built a house, but a church. Below are some pictures of the family in front of the house and inside. Thanks so much for all of you who gave and prayed with us, it truly did justice.

Oh, with the remaining $630 we took it and gave it to the Children at Risk ministry in Phnom Penh. They are partnering with Mission Adventures New Zealand and starting a small design business where they will be employing 3 women, teaching them how to sew and selling the product they make over in New Zealand. The money will go towards sewing machines, desks and the rental of the building they will be working in.

Here are some pictures of the family, and the video of Tim, with Children at Risk sharing about the family.

Photos by Joel Rogers.

house 1 house 2 house 3




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